Sunday, February 7, 2016

Restoration Update

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“Well, I do want to feel you once more, Garrett. Both of you,” Bella said, her face flaming. “You’re okay with this, Edward?”

“I am, but after tonight, you’re mine, love,” Edward whispered, his fingers tracing her cheeks. “Where do you want us?”

“In the living room,” she said. “The bedroom is too intimate and the stage has been set.” She gestured to the twinkling lights and soft candlelight. “You both had me in the living room in my home. It seems fitting that we share our final moments together in the living room here, in the condo.”

“Then, let us pamper and love you, Bella,” Edward whispered, taking her hand and guiding her to the couch. Garrett put the food away and he twined his fingers with hers. Stopping in front of the couch, Bella put her hands on Edward’s shoulders, staring into his evergreen depths. Garrett was behind her, kissing her neck. His hands were gripping her waist, pulling her nightie up her body. Edward leaned down, kissing Bella deeply and tangling his fingers into her messy, sex-ravaged curls. Both men sandwiched her between their hot, rock-hard bodies. Poking at her ass, Bella felt Garrett’s arousal and Edward’s cock was pressed against her stomach.

“You are so beautiful,” Garrett growled against her skin. He pulled on the strap of her nightie, causing it to fall from her shoulders. His hand cupped her breasts, twisting and tugging on her nipples. “No woman will ever measure up to you, pretty girl.”

“Oh, God,” she breathed, her head falling back against Garrett’s shoulder. He tugged her nightie down her torso. Edward’s fingers glided underneath her breasts, tracing her new ink that she had adorned on her skin. With a light nip to her collarbone, Edward turned Bella around and slid her nightie down her legs. She was naked between both men. 

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