Saturday, August 29, 2015

Renovations Teaser

Monday morning dawned too quickly. Bella showered with both Edward and Garrett, her heart full but her mind reeling. She had opened her heart, and instead of giving it to one man, she gave it to two. Each of them were her ideal. Edward was her rock, sweet and attentive, showering her love and affection. Garrett was her fun, adventure and lust. He made her feel sexy and a bit dirty, in the best of ways, of course. His dominating persona made her quiver. Though, she was more emotionally attracted to Edward. Bella was confused, wanting both of them, but also wanting to see how a relationship with them, individually, would work out.

It can’t, Bella. Could it?

She couldn’t choose. She didn’t want to choose.

Well, she could. Her heart belonged to Edward, mostly. He was the polar opposite of James and Garrett.

After their shower, Bella asked for some time to get ready. Garrett kissed her neck before shuffling to the former oyster bathroom. Edward gently cupped her chin, his eyes radiating with love, before he pressed his mouth to hers. With a smile, he left, and Bella clutched the edge of the counter. This weekend had been a roller coaster of emotions, most of them good. Though, for a consummate planner like Bella, this situation was unreal.

Were they just catering to a divorcée because she spread her legs?

Was this their bonus for a job well done?

Did they really want to be with her? Or were their words from last night just like her wedding vows? 
Empty promises?

Did she want a relationship with both? Garrett was so much like James, it frightened her.

Did she want Edward exclusively?

Did she want Garrett exclusively?

What was their future, and did she want a future with both of them? 

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  1. This is from the last chapter, right? I have really loved this story, Josie. Thanks so much for giving it to us!